Church Council

The Church Council is the elected leadership team for Pine Valley United Methodist Church. Charge Conference is our annual meeting when we elect the Church Council leadership team. Look for details in the church bulletin about upcoming church council and charge conference meetings.

Church Council for Calendar Year 2018

Church Chairperson Albert Elrod
Church Vice Chairperson Mary Stephens
Council Secretary Kay Creech
Lay Leader Wes Scott
Lay Members to Annual Conference John Price, Chuck Harriman, Pat Harriman
Ministry Leaders
Nursery Nikki Nipper
Children Katherine Harrell
Youth Kristine Eason
Older Adults Annette Dempsey & Doug & Peggy Murray
Altar Guild Linden Boone
Athletics Tony Brigman
Endowment Albert Elrod
Evangelism & Hospitality Karen Hoag
Finance Burnie Marvin
Grounds Berry Stephens
Health Donna Ackerman & Sandy Krasnow
Missions Denny Reisch
Parsonage Beth Tedesco
Prayer Connie Williams
Safe Sanctuaries Kim Adams
Safety Ministry Ron Hower
Staff Parish Relations Mike Page
Stephen Ministry Ray Holder, Oakelee Horrell, Beverly Fitzgerald
Stewardship Jay Taylor
Trustees TBE
UM Men President Mike Ennis
UM Women President Wanda Eason
UM Youth Reps Kate Brennan & Cade Edwards
Wee Care Chairpersons Jim & Linden Boone
Worship Patricia Underwood
At Large Members Desiree Porter & Keith Lobbestael (2018)

Stuart Emory & Chase Horton (2019)

John Clancey & Ginny Spencer (2020)