courage to nourishWhy do they need help? Childhood hunger is rising in New Hanover County. When a child suffers from lack of nutrition, it creates a ripple effect in the child’s life, classroom, and neighborhood community. It doesn’t just weaken the child, it weakens us as a nation. It’s not “just their problem”, it’s ours.

How can our church help? We have partnered with NourishNC to help strengthen community resources that connect hungry children to healthy food. It’s a Backpack Program that provides weekend meals to over 200 children in New Hanover County who otherwise would not get a nutritious, well-balanced meal outside of school lunches.  NourishNC is a 501-c(3) non-profit organization that provides hungry children with healthy food, empowering them to succeed in the classroom and in their community.

Donations: Please write your check to PVUMC and write Courage to Nourish in the subject line.

Food Donations: Food donations examples below. Please no glass or family size items. Snacks (crackers, trail mix, pudding cups, raisins, fruit snacks) Vegetables Fruit (fruit cups or canned) Chili with beans or beanie weenies Canned meat (tuna, chicken, ham) Breakfast items (oatmeal, breakfast bars, cereal) Peanut butter & squeezable jelly Soaps with protein Mac & cheese, tuna helper, chicken helper, rice Pasta sauce, ramen noodles, ravioli

PACKING CALENDAR: Packing Location: Building B - Room 2

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