“Where Are The Men”

After hearing about how Pine Valley United Methodist Church needs Sunday school teachers, I remembered I had seen this man at church camp and then again at vacation Bible school.  I saw him stand and sing the camp song the Sunday after camp.  I saw him stand and sing with the vacation Bible school kids.  When I was at camp, I knew he was having fun.  And the kids love him!  So today I had lunch with Greg Willett.  Greg is a lot of fun and outgoing, although he told me he used to be shy!  As soon as we were seated, the server brought us bread and oil.  Immediately, Greg made a smiley face with the vinegar.  He laughed and said, “and that’s why I like working with kids.”  That is Greg! I had seen Greg at camp - for the whole week and then at VBS - for the whole week.  I told him when I heard we are in need of Sunday School teachers, I thought of him.  Why does he do all that he does with children?  Greg cannot believe more people do not teach the little children.  He said, “and where are the men?”  He said he is 73 years young and “does not want to stay inside, sitting in his easy chair gaining weight.”  He wants to be out and stay fit and healthy.  He says the kids help him do that.  

Greg helps with VBS, camp and children’s church.  He works with the grounds committee and other things but his heart is with the children.  His face lit up as he told me about working with the children.  His face also lit up when he told me that he has a new family that moved in next door to him.  They have three little girls and they love to come over and play with his grandsons when they are visiting.  His grandsons are not there now but the little girls still come over to play.  Yesterday, the three and five year old girls rang the doorbell and asked his wife if “Mr. Greg could come out to play”.  After he told me, he smiled and said, “what a blessing!”  That is Greg! 

In Greg’s words, he works with kids because he loves to but then he realizes it is helping Jesus.  He also said when you work with preschool through first grade you are smarter than them so he can teach.  You do not have to be a Bible scholar!  He said if anyone is wondering if they should teach children they need to come and talk to him.  One thing he loves is that even though he goes to the 11:15 service he gets to know a lot of the younger families.  When parents drop their kids off at camp he gets to know them and the siblings. He loves getting to know these families and watching the children grow up. 

Being a servant is carrying out the will of our Master.  We are told in Matthew 24:46, “It will be good for that servant whose master finds him doing so when he returns.”  When we are God’s faithful servant we get to share in His success.  We get to watch these kids grow up and know the seeds that have been planted.  Mark 10:45, “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life as a ransom for many.”  Jesus was our example of unselfish servanthood.

1 Thessalonians 5:6-8, “I pray that my children would always be joyful and rejoice; that they would pray continually; and be thankful no matter their circumstances because this is your will for them God.”  At PVUMC, we should be praying that all children would always be joyful and rejoice; that they would pray continually; and be thankful no matter their circumstances because this is your will for them God.  To do this we have to have servants who want to carry out their Master’s will.  We need male and female servants to pour the truth into these little hearts and minds while they are most open to the Gospel. 

PVUMC needs men and women to teach children’s Sunday school.  You have heard the saying, God does not call the qualified, He qualifies the called!  You can do this!  If you say yes, God will do the rest!  Please let Terri Kesler or the church office know if you would like to have the honor of teaching God’s little children.