Small Groups

Small Groups & Sunday School

We were not created to do life alone. Luckily at PVUMC, we don't have to. Check out our latest small groups, Sunday School classes, and gatherings to find the fit that works best for you! Don't see one that works? Fill out the form below and we'll make sure to get you connected. 


Sunday Morning Classes

Adult Classes for Sunday Mornings for 9:45 and 11 am.

Sunday 9:45 am

Agape Class, Room 10, Bldg. B

The Agape Class uses the International Sunday School Lessons for Christian Teaching as well as video- based studies for their weekly curriculum. They enjoy discussions, social activities and caring for one another as well as the larger faith community.

Koinonia Class, Room 16, Bldg. C

The Koinonia class is an inter-generational group that enjoys diversity of perspectives leading to lively discussion of the Scripture. The class studies a range of Biblical topics, relating all to their life application.

New Covenant Class, Room 1, Bldg. B

The New Covenant Class uses Scripture and the Adult Bible Studies curriculum as the foundation of their study and their discussion.

New Light Class, PVUMC House - 124 Stonewall Jackson Dr.

The New Light Class is eager and passionate in the study of God’s Word. The class enjoys strengthening their faith through the study of Scripture, short-term studies and book studies.

Pathfinders, Room 203, Bldg. D

The Pathfinders class is an eclectic, multi-generational class that seeks to apply their faith to everyday life. The class uses a variety of resources to strengthen their walks with God.

Seekers Class, Room 2, Bldg. B

The Seekers “seek” to get acquainted and understand the Word of God in the most uncomplicated way. The class uses a variety of resources centered in Scripture to grow and strengthen their faith.

Sunday 11:15 am

AXIS, Coffee House (212), Bldg. D

AXIS is a ministry for young adults (18-25). Join them for study, food and fellowship.

Good News Class, Room 210, Bldg. D

The Good News Sunday School class focuses on a verse-by-verse study of the Bible and enjoys lively discussions.

Faith Builders, Room 203, Bldg. D

Faith Builders is a multi-media class that uses Scripture and short-term studies for discussions. Fellowship with them as they study God’s word to build and strengthen their faith, and apply it to everyday life.



Weeknight Classes

Beth Moore Bible Study, Stepping Up: A journey through the Psalms of Ascent, Tuesday evenings @ 7:00 pm from July 10 – August 21 in the Fellowship Hall. Child care provided. Contact Mary Stephens at 910-799-4720 or

The following classes meet Wednesday Nights beginning at 6:15

Financial Peace – Led by Wes Scott

Join us for this study written by Dave Ramsey that teaches how to manage money in godly ways.  Sessions include learning how to create a budget, pay off debt, make wise spending decisions, save for the future, and live generously.  (Bldg B, Room 10, Agape Classroom)

Invitation to the New Testament – Led by Ron & Ambie Hower

Join us as we explore the stories and people of the New Testament.  We will use study, DVD presentation and discussion to hear God speak to our lives today through these ancient texts.  This study is part of the inspirational Short Term Disciple Bible series.  (Bldg C, Room 16, Koinonia Classroom)     

Connect Class 101 – Led by Pastor Tim Reeves & Pastor Kim Collins

Join us for a Confirmation-type class for adults that will cover our United Methodist History, Heritage, Theology, Doctrine, and Beliefs.  (Bldg C, Fellowship Hall)

The Runner’s Devotional:  Inspiration and Motivation for Life’s Journey . . . On and Off the Road - Led by Pam Craig & Kelly Mull

Join us for inspiration, fellowship and exercise as we continue to study and we run together each Wednesday night.   This class is designed for people of all levels of running.  We welcome those who’ve participated in past running classes as well as those new to group running. (CLC Conference Room)

Praise and Prayer – Led by Pastor Barry Stallings

This service led by Pastor Barry will be a time of singing, praise, testimony, a devotion and prayer.  It will be similar to the old midweek prayer meetings many churches used to have.  It will take place at our Hope and Healing house directly behind the church at 124 Stonewall Jackson Dr. at 6:15 pm following dinner.  It will dismiss at the same time as the other Wednesday night classes.  Come be recharged and equipped to better serve the Lord!!!  (PVUMC House - 124 Stonewall Jackson, the house at the end of our parking lot)